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Everything we do is designed for deep practice transformation, implementation, and sustainability: We are laser focused on translating evidence and practice-based research into highly relevant, live and on-demand webinars and engaging, skills-focused workshops and certificates.

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The Intersection of Being API and Queer

This free, one hour webinar will highlight key cultural and social factors that influence and impact the experience of being API and LGBTQ+ in the US.

On-Demand Webinar
1 CEU(s)

Moral Injury in the Helping Fields

We will explore the concept of moral injury, the damage inflicted on one's conscience when one perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress their moral compass.

On-Demand, Virtual Webinar
1 CEU(s)

The Myth of Willpower

Diets do not lead to long-term weight loss, and this is not because dieters have worse willpower than anyone else. Weight regain after a diet is a predictable response to changes in metabolism, hormone response, and cognitive processing that are caused by dieting. Those changes make it very difficult, although…

On-Demand, Virtual Webinar
1 CEU(s)