Case Studies

These case studies illustrate how we approach each client’s request for a solution to a challenge they face. We listen to understand the way the agency functions, their unique strengths, and challenges as we develop an individualized process that aligns with their goals. We pay attention to sustainability so the results will endure. We evaluate results not just for our clients, but also for ourselves so we can continuously improve on what we offer.

CBT Skills for Assertive Community Treatment Teams

Training clinicians to implement cognitive behavioral skills for people with serious mental illness
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Enhancing Integrated Services

Incorporating assessment and treatment planning processes
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Responding to Unique Needs

Adapting an evidence-based practice to meet the needs of individuals in supported housing
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The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Disseminating evidence-informed practice
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Enhanced Illness Management Recovery (E-IMR)

Integration of mental health and substance use care across a multi-site behavioral health hospital setting.
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Strengthening Engagement Skills

Strengthening practitioner engagement skills with clients increases trust, goal striving and improves outcomes.
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Evaluating the Impact of an Intervention

Determining the effectiveness of providing housing to individuals early in their recovery.
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Trainings Tailored to Your Team’s Needs

Talk with us about how we can build an evidence-based practice training plan for your team.