The Center for Practice Transformation offers unpaid clinical research positions for undergraduates and graduates for both the full academic year and summer appointments. The number and timing of internships varies based on the research that is currently in progress or in the planning stage. The internships currently available will be posted on our website and in relevant University of Minnesota publications. These internships are available to qualified applicants from the University of Minnesota as well as students attending other colleges. A minimum commitment of 10 hours per week is required.

Specific tasks could include (but are not limited to) transcription of qualitative interviews, data entry, literature reviews, digital and physical file management. In the past undergraduate interns have contributed to presentations given at conferences and to state funders, collaborated with community-based mental health providers on implementing outcome monitoring, contributed to Internal Review Board proposals and assisted in the creation of recruitment materials.

Graduate students in clinical programs may be able to work with the Center’s training team to learn about and observe the training we offer to individuals and agencies.

Interns are also welcome to attend Center-sponsored training events provided they aid in tasks to help run the event. We employ staff with backgrounds in graduate level social work, psychology, and integrated behavioral health, and look for ways for undergraduates to learn from and work with people with professional qualifications that interest them. Undergraduate students in the psychology department have received course credit while working with us. A former student that interned with our Center received the Psychology Engagement Award as a result of her work with us.