E-IMR Foundations Training

Developed by CPT in consultation with experts, Enhanced Illness Management & Recovery (E-IMR) is an augmented or “enhanced” version of IMR. By blending the evidence-based practices of IMR with the principles of Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT), E-IMR practitioners are better able to serve individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness and a co-occurring substance use disorder.  E-IMR is a person-centered, recovery-oriented approach that helps practitioners and their clients identify the interaction between substance use and mental illness and utilize strategies to reduce and manage symptoms so that we can support clients in living their best lives.

The Center for Practice Transformation has several levels of training to support your learning and development as an E-IMR practitioner.

  1. Begin with: Introduction to E-IMR. Learn the basic principles of E-IMR and decide if it is right for you, your agency and your clients.
  2. E-IMR Foundations. Learn how to apply E-IMR principles, strategies and skills into your existing practice. You also have the opportunity to become a Certified E-IMR Foundations practitioner.
  3. E-IMR Supervisor. This advanced training is designed for supervisors to support, build and sustain E-IMR practitioners skills and strategies.Certification in E-IMR Foundations is required of all participants. This training will be available late Spring 2023.

Introduction to E-IMR: $75 | 3 CEUs

Designed to provide a basic understanding of E-IMR, this self-paced course is a great way for practitioners, program administrators and clinical directors to get a sense of whether E-IMR is a fit for you or your organization. It is also the first step to receiving CPT’s E-IMR Foundations Certification. 

Introduction to E-IMR contains five sections and takes about three hours total to complete. However, you can do it at your own pace, start/stop your training experience and come back to it at any time. Resources are available to download along the way. 

If you are interested in learning to use E-IMR in your practice, the Introduction is the best way to get started! Register here.

Other E-IMR Training Opportunities:

E-IMR Implementation and Support:

  • E-IMR implementation consultation and support
  • Fidelity review for ongoing adherence to E-IMR
  • E-IMR practitioner competency evaluations

By implementing E-IMR, organizations gain a shared recovery-oriented language
that utilizes proven strategies for delivering care to individuals with COD.