E-IMR Foundations Training

What is E-IMR?

Developed by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Practice Transformation and in consultation with experts, Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery (E-IMR) is an augmented or “enhanced” version of IMR with the Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) principles integrated into the intervention to better serve individuals experiencing mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders (CODs). 

Practitioners across a range of service lines gain a shared language, foundation of person-centered and recovery-oriented principles, and proven skills to use when delivering care to people with CODs. This approach helps practitioners and their clients identify the interaction between substance use and mental illness, and utilize strategies to reduce and manage symptoms to help support them in living their best lives.

Choose the learning path that meets your needs

To make our training as accessible as possible, we offer several delivery options to support your learning and development as an E-IMR practitioner:

  1. Hybrid offerings with live, instructor-led, online training sessions accompanied by weekly activities and consultation.  
  2. Self-Paced, online training that’s completely asynchronous.
  3. Or, we’ll come to you. CPT provides private, bespoke training for agencies and staff. These are delivered virtually or in-person.

E-IMR Hybrid Training Option (23 CE Hours)

Join us for one of our quarterly E-IMR trainings delivered by an expert clinical trainer via live, online sessions with an online learning component and consultation.

This intensive, skills-focused training begins by focusing on E-IMR’s recovery-oriented values and principles and then dives into its effective motivational, educational and cognitive-behavioral skills and strategies. With the guidance of E-IMR experts, applied skills-focused activities, resources and integrated consultation, Foundations in E-IMR sets you up to provide your best level of care with individuals experiencing co-occurring disorders and can lead to certification in E-IMR. Register here

Self-Paced Online Training Option (18 CE Hours)

Learn the central skills and strategies of E-IMR at your own pace. This course includes demonstration videos, applied practice scenarios and recommended exercises that you can immediately integrate into your current practice. While consultation is not included, you can register for monthly group consultation to further hone your skills and receive certification. Register here.

Private Training Option

CPT has extensive experience providing agency-based training across the country. We work with you to understand your practice setting and learning goals and tailor our training accordingly. Contact transform@umn.edu for more information. 

Additional opportunities for E-IMR Training include E-IMR implementation and support:

  • E-IMR implementation consultation and support
  • Fidelity review for ongoing adherence to E-IMR
  • E-IMR practitioner competency evaluations.

Introduction to E-IMR (3 CE Hours)

Interested in testing the E-IMR waters? Designed to provide a basic understanding of E-IMR, this introductory, self-paced course is a great way for practitioners, program administrators and clinical directors to get a sense of whether E-IMR is a fit for you or your organization. This option provides a pathway for continued learning and certification. Register here.