Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

How Mindfulness Can Support the Therapist, Enhance the Therapeutic Process and Encourage Change and Healing in the Client

When mindfulness is integrated into clinical practice it can support therapist self-care, strengthen clinical skills and enhance the therapeutic relationship.  It also offers concrete skills that clients can learn to help reduce symptoms and enhance their well-being.  This webinar will explore the conceptual understanding of mindfulness needed to integrate it into therapy and will also offer mindfulness practices and skills that the therapist can share with clients.
Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy PPT

About the Presenter

Jane Rauenhorst, PhD, LP

Dr. Rauenhorst has been an instructor at the University of Minnesota and Metropolitan State University.   She has worked with individuals, couples and groups in private practice since 1992 and has done clinical supervision, training and consultation with individuals and organizations.  In the last two decades, her focus has been on the integration of mindfulness in a number of areas, including psychotherapy. She teaches mindfulness and self-compassion in community settings.