Natural Sleep: A New Approach to Promote Wellbeing

Natural Sleep a new approach to promote wellbeing handouts

Sleep is critically important to the health of our mind and body.  Unfortunately, sleep disorders are common and sleep deprivation is ubiquitous with consequences ranging from car accidents to dementia.  Fortunately, most individuals can start sleeping better once they understand their intrinsic circadian rhythm and how to adjust their body clock to better match their lifestyle. Further, most people who struggle with insomnia can get better restful sleep without sleeping pills; they just need the right plan.  This program has been developed so it can not only help the audience sleep better but is also easy to share with family, friends and clients.

About the Presenter

Webinar Presenter

Michael Howell, MD

Dr. Howell is the Vice Chair for Education and Faculty Affairs in the Department of Neurology and the Medical Director of the Sleep Performance Training for Athletes Program at M Health Fairview in Edina Minnesota.  He co-developed the SPI Sleep Journey App available free on the App store for iPhone and Android