Adolescence and Substance Use: Impact On the Developing Brain

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Course Objectives

  1. Review the primary objectives and design of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study.
  2. Describe the ABCD Study’s assessment protocol: who, where, when, what, why.
  3. Document the study’s findings to date.
  4. Evaluate the genetic versus environment findings that have implications regarding adolescent vulnerabilities
  5. Review the challenges of conducting research on use of marijuana in the United States
  6. Critique the recent conflicting research indicating States with legalized medical marijuana laws have lower rates of opioid deaths.
  7. Explain the studies that indicate prescribed marijuana is at best mildly effective for non-cancerous chronic pain.
  8. Review the  chemistry, history, prevalence, legalization, popularity, neuro-transmission and addictive potential of marijuana.
  9. Review the research on the beneficial and harmful health and mental health effects of cannabis.
  10. Compare some of the assessment and treatment options available.
  11. Describe key trends in adolescent e-cigarette use, including the intersection between e-cigarette use, mental health conditions and substance use.
  12. Summarize the current literature on the effect of nicotine on the developing adolescent brain.
  13. Describe the link between nicotine and other substance use.

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