Advocacy 101: Supporting Survivors of Gender-based Violence

This session will allow behavioral health professionals to learn about services offered by confidential advocates to victim/survivors of sexual and domestic violence. We will discuss the three forms of advocacy: general, legal, and medical. Attendees will learn how advocacy and social work professionals can work together and make referrals in order to holistically support survivors of gender-based violence. Information will be provided on advocacy services available to all survivors from diverse backgrounds, as well as specific context related to the University of Minnesota and supporting students.

About the Presenter

Chloe Vraney

Chloe Vraney (she/her) is the Associate Director at the Aurora Center for Advocacy & Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Aurora is the confidential sexual misconduct prevention and support resource for students and staff at UMN.  Chloe began working at Aurora in 2017 in direct services and legal advocacy. In 2020, she began serving as an advisor to victim/survivors in Title IX sexual misconduct hearings. As Associate Director, Chloe is responsible for Aurora’s departmental assessment of services offered, marketing efforts, and the coordination of Aurora’s annual 40 hour certification training, as well as overseeing Aurora’s prevention education program. Chloe serves on the Hennepin County SMARTeam and MNCASA’s Policy Advisory Committee. She is trained as a Title IX hearing decision maker, STARRSA respondent psycho-education facilitator, and Motivational Interviewer. Her previous advocacy work experience was within the criminal and civil court systems and at domestic violence shelters, providing bilingual (English/Spanish) services. Chloe received her Masters in Public Policy in 2021 from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.