Nothing Left Out: Creating Inclusive, Comprehensive Sexuality and Sexual Health Services

In this session, we will explore the interconnected components of human sexuality—sensuality, intimacy, sexualization, identity, and health—to understand their impact on clients’ lives. We will examine the roles and responsibilities of behavioral health professionals in addressing various aspects of human sexuality with clients. Additionally, resources will be provided to enhance content knowledge and support client sessions.

About the Presenter

Emily Gus, MPH

Emily Gus (she/her) works as a Clinical Trainer and Research Associate at the Center for Practice Transformation (CPT) with an MPH in Community Health Promotion from the University of Minnesota. Before joining the CPT team, Emily worked with communities to address health disparities around sexual and reproductive health issues through education and health access. Emily’s work has spanned from one-on-one education sessions to community-based policy change to nationally funded research. Throughout all her work, Emily is committed to elevating community members’ voices and experiences, evaluating the effectiveness of programming, and creating meaningful connections.