Webinar Category: Co-occurring Disorders

The Center Second Friday Webinar Series are broadcast on the second Friday of each month and viewers can receive one free CEU upon successful completion of a post test. Videos are then archived online for free remote viewing.

Past Webinars

Co-occurring Eating and Substance Use Disorders

Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorder share many risk factors and characteristics, but there are significant differences in the path to recovery for clients. Explore the similarities and differences…
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Stress as a Risk Factor for Mental Health and Substance Use

There is no CEU associated with this archived webinar. Stress is an omnipresent factor in our lives and for those suffering from a mental illness and/or substance use disorder,…
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A Practitioner’s Guide:

Understanding Prescription Medications in the Care of Individuals with Co-occurring Disorders

This webinar reviews the various categories of psychotropic medications used in the treatment of mental and substance use disorders. Indications and contra-indications for prescribing specific medications for individuals with…
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Advancing the Concepts of Stages of Change and Treatment for Individuals with Co-occurring Disorders

Change is much easier said than done and is impacted in every contact that professionals and supports have with people faced with making health behavior change. As a follow-up…
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A Practical Approach:

Integrated Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment

Clinicians are well aware that a comprehensive assessment provides the foundation for treatment planning and interventions. Undertaking an Integrated Assessment of mental health symptoms and substance use disorder…
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Research on the Relationship Between PTSD and Substance Abuse

Research tells us that those who experience trauma and develop posttraumatic stress disorder are at high risk for substance abuse and dependence. This is also true among other diagnoses. For…
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Using Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Integrated Treatment of Substance Abuse and PTSD

Almost 50% of individuals diagnosed with PTSD also have a substance use disorder. Treatment protocol suggests a sequential treatment approach that involves treating and maintaining abstinence for a period…
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The Importance of the Therapeutic Milieu in Treating Co-occurring Disorders

The milieu or context of therapy is often overlooked in terms of its importance to the treatment of co-occurring disorders. This presentation will provide background on the therapeutic…
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