Webinar Category: Substance Use Disorders

The Center's Free Monthly Webinar Series is broadcast on the second Friday of each month from Noon-1:00pm Central Time. Each of these live webinar presentations are recorded and archived on our website for free streaming at any time. We award 1 CEU for each of our regular monthly webinars. The is no charge to attend the webinar and no charge for the 1 CEU; however, we do not award CEU credit for attendance alone. To receive the CEU, participants must complete a short evaluation and pass a post-test within one week of the webinar. Please remember to print and/or save your certificates after each presentation for your records.

Past Webinars

Our past webinars are recorded and usually available for streaming within one week following the live broadcast. All past webinars are free to stream anytime. Most are available for one CEU by purchasing the post test via the PURCHASE CEU link at the bottom of the webinar page. If there is not a purchase CEU link then the webinar is not available for purchase. You will receive the post test link in an email after you complete the online purchase. After completing the post test you will immediately receive a downloadable pdf of the certificate associated with that webinar.

Cannabis Use and Mental Health Risk

Cannabis Use and Mental Health Risk Power Point Slides pdf As research expands to examine the impact of cannabis use on health, there is growing…
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An Integrated Model for Assessment and Planning

Moving from the ASAM Framework to an Integrated Approach for Co-occurring Care

An Integrated Model for Assessment and Planning PPT This webinar will provide an overview of the challenges associated with using the ASAM framework for people with co-occurring disorders…
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Using the ASAM Framework for Co-Occurring Disorders

This webinar will provide an overview of the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria with a particular focus on working with individuals who have co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance…
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Minnesota Treatment Courts

This webinar provides an overview of treatment courts in Minnesota.  How research has shaped these courts to enhance their effectiveness is reviewed. Treatment courts promote public safety, reduce crime…
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Addiction Past and Present: The Journey from DSM-I to DSM-5

This webinar provides an overview of the development of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It explores the history and the rationale behind the changes that have…
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Emotional Dysregulation, Alexithymia, Emotional Intelligence and their Relationship to Alcohol Use Disorders

We all experience negative emotions and our ability to identify them and make positive choices in response to them can have strong implications for health, well-being, and positive interpersonal…
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