Webinar Category: Serious Mental Illness

The Center Second Friday Webinar Series are broadcast on the second Friday of each month and viewers can receive one free CEU upon successful completion of a post test. Videos are then archived online for free remote viewing.

Past Webinars

Schizophrenia: The Basics

This webinar will help mental health professionals develop a more thorough understanding of schizophrenia, including what defines the illness, what are the symptoms, how symptoms affect people’s behavior, what…
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Diagnosis and Management of Bipolar Disorders:

Challenges in the Dually-Diagnosed Patient

The viewer of this webinar will become aware of the prevalence and burden of bipolar disorders (BDs), develop a framework for distinguishing BD from major depressive disorder in people…
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How To Provide Smoking Cessation Treatment To People With Severe Mental Illness

This webinar provides information about smoking addiction among individuals with mental illness. Practical information about safe, effective tobacco cessation treatment for this group is also provided.  Medications that can…
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