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The Center's Free Webinar Series is broadcast on the second Friday of each month. The live webinars are recorded and archived on our website for free remote viewing at any time. CEUs for any of the archived videos in our library are available for a nominal fee.

Past Webinars

Our past webinars are recorded and available here within one week following the live broadcast. All past webinars are free to view anytime. Each is worth one CEU by purchasing the post test via the PURCHASE CEU link at the bottom of the webinar page. After taking the post test you will receive a pdf of the certificate associated with that webinar.

FAMCO: Evidence-based Training for Family Support in Recovery

The field of addiction treatment is in the process of being transformed into a modern, evidence-based practice that offers better patient care and improved outcomes. However, the area of…
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The Mother-Baby Program:

Shifting from Perinatal Mental Health to Two-Generation, Trauma-Healing

No video recording of this webinar was made at the request of the presenter. This presentation includes an overview of mental health conditions during and after pregnancy, with specific focus…
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What’s New and What Works?

Enhancing Family Support in Recovery from Serious Psychiatric Illness

Family support can be an invaluable component of recovery from serious psychiatric illnesses, but loved ones of many consumers may be uncertain how or when to help. This presentation…
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Implications for Direct Practice

Parents with Co-Occurring Disorders in Child Welfare

This webinar provides a brief introduction of co-occurring disorders and what child welfare system looks like in Minnesota. The training further highlights both the barriers and best practice tips…
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Parental Health Literacy and Children’s Mental Health Outcomes

Low health literacy has been identified by previous research as an important factor linked to negative health outcomes. However, there has been little research done looking at the relationship…
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CSI (Couple Sensitive Individual) Therapy:

How to Avoid Colluding with Your Clients

When we treat individuals who have complaints about a relationship, it’s all too easy to start colluding with the client against the partner who’s absent from the room; a…
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