Marijuana and Health

Marijuana is probably the most commonly used “illicit” drug worldwide, and in the U.S. there is a significant trend toward medicalizing and legalizing it. Several health issues are now more prominent than ever. The science on marijuana’s health effects, both positive and negative, is stronger for some areas than others. This webinar will (1) provide a summary of the research on two health issues- marijuana use by youth and medical marijuana, and (2) discuss policy implications.

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About the Presenter

Ken Winters

Ken C. Winters, PhD

Ken C. Winters, PhD, is a Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute, and an adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota. Dr. Winters retired as a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, where he found and directed the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research for 25 years. Dr. Winters is a frequent publisher, speaker and trainer and is a consultant to many organizations, including the Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health (MNCAMH), Hazelden/Betty Ford Foundation, The Partnership at Drug Free.Org, NORC’s Adolescent SBIRT Steering Committee, Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc., and the Mentor Foundation (an international drug abuse prevention organization).