How To Provide Smoking Cessation Treatment To People With Severe Mental Illness

This webinar provides information about smoking addiction among individuals with mental illness. Practical information about safe, effective tobacco cessation treatment for this group is also provided.  Medications that can be prescribed as well as other tools to help individuals quit are discussed.

Myths About Tobacco Use Disorder in People with Mental Health Conditions PDF

About the Presenter

Mary Brunette, MD

Mary Brunette, MD, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. As an addiction psychiatrist, she has for many years provided treatment for people with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues. Her research has focused on better understanding and treating nicotine addiction in people with mental illness. Additionally, she serves as Medical Director for the Bureau of Behavioral Health in the Department of Health and Human Services of New Hampshire. In that context, she has worked to improve tobacco treatment efforts on a statewide level.