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The Center Second Friday Webinar Series are broadcast on the second Friday of each month and viewers can receive one free CEU upon successful completion of a post test. Videos are then archived online for free remote viewing.

Past Webinars

A Culturally Sanctioned Trauma:

An Overview of Female Genital Mutilation and Its Psychosocial, Psychological, and Psychosexual Consequences

This presentation will provide an overview of FGM and its psychosocial, psychological, and psychosexual consequences, as well as share best practices in working with FGM survivors. This presentation is a collaborative effort between the Critical Thinking Unit and the Center for Practice Transformation.
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From Trauma to Thriving

This presentation weaves psychological research and theory with Tyler’s experiences of trauma from childhood to adulthood. Joining trauma-informed theory with real-life examples, Tyler’s story will take you beyond the…
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Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Persons with Serious Mental Illness:

A Brief Educational and Anxiety Management Treatment Part I

Despite the high prevalence and negative consequences of PTSD in those with serious mental illness, there has not been much attention paid to effective treatment of this condition within…
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Honor Betrayed:

Honor Betrayed: Veterans’ Reactions to Sexual Assault in the Military

Dr. Hunter presents on the topic of sexual assault experienced by veterans of the armed forces. Honor Betrayed Veterans’ Reactions to Sexual Assault in the Military PPT…
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General Principles of Cognitive Restructuring and Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Matt Kushner, PhD has been practicing CBT, primarily for anxiety disorders, for over two decades. He has published over 70 peer reviewed original studies in prominent scientific journals. His…
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Treating Trauma:

Minimizing Retraumatization in Interviewing and Assessment

Promoting recovery and resilience for individuals impacted by trauma involves developing and implementing interventions specific to the individual trauma experience, and examining ways to reduce re-traumatizing people through their contact…
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Research on the Relationship Between PTSD and Substance Abuse

Research tells us that those who experience trauma and develop posttraumatic stress disorder are at high risk for substance abuse and dependence. This is also true among other diagnoses. For…
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What Educators Need to Know about Trauma and Toxic Stress

Students benefit from positive relationships with teachers and school staff, which are associated with school connectedness and academic achievement. This is especially true of students who have experienced trauma…
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