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The Center's Free Monthly Webinar Series is broadcast on the second Friday of each month from Noon-1:00pm Central Time. Each of these live webinar presentations are recorded and archived on our website for free streaming at any time. We award 1 CEU for each of our regular monthly webinars. The is no charge to attend the webinar and no charge for the 1 CEU; however, we do not award CEU credit for attendance alone. To receive the CEU, participants must complete a short evaluation and pass a post-test within one week of the webinar. Please remember to print and/or save your certificates after each presentation for your records.

Past Webinars

Our past webinars are recorded and usually available for streaming within one week following the live broadcast. All past webinars are free to stream anytime. Most are available for one CEU by purchasing the post test via the PURCHASE CEU link at the bottom of the webinar page. If there is not a purchase CEU link then the webinar is not available for purchase. You will receive the post test link in an email after you complete the online purchase. After completing the post test you will immediately receive a downloadable pdf of the certificate associated with that webinar.

Trauma Across Generations: The Impact on the African American Community

This webinar will increase awareness of the link between historical and/or intergenerational trauma and challenges in effectively engaging in the African American community. The webinar will explore the importance of…
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Standing in Protest against Racism, Colorism, and Centuries-old Racial Divides in America

Standing in Protest PPT Racism in the U.S. has created serious divisions and disconnect among different minority groups and even among the majority groups consisting of Whites.
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An Indigenous Perspective of Co-Occurring Disorders

We will discuss a re-framing of mental health and substance use based on culturally-specific work in the American Indian community, including how historical trauma is a precipitating event, and how DSM diagnostic codes fall short of accurately describing conditions. We will focus on the indigenous view of health as holistic, and cultural teachings for healing and resilience that can be used for any client population. 
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Mental Health Care in a Humanitarian Crisis

Back from the Border

Viewers will learn about the trauma informed mental health work being delivered by a local Twin Cities group to refugee families waiting for an immigration hearing at shelters in Tijuana, Mexico.
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Communicating the Spirit Way:

Motivational Interviewing and the Native American Worldview

This webinar was designed to introduce the “Spirit of MI and to talk about the relationship between Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the Native worldview. It included the underlying spirit…
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Working With Military-Connected Members of the Community

The purpose of this presentation is to help attendees gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by military-connected members of the community (veterans, active-duty, National Guard, Reserve, and…
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Immigration and Latino Mental Health:

Assessing with Awareness and Cultural Humility

This webinar session provides information to increase awareness of current immigration policy and it’s impact on Latino mental health. Participants will become familiar with stressors associated with the immigration…
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Therapy and Traumatic Stress in Indian Communities:

An Indigenous Approach to Healing Traumatic Stress in Indian Communities

This session, based on research, will help the participant understand the importance of utilizing culture appropriately when working with clients from tribal/Native American communities in terms of addiction treatment…
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