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The Center Second Friday Webinar Series are broadcast on the second Friday of each month and viewers can receive one free CEU upon successful completion of a post test. Videos are then archived online for free remote viewing.

Past Webinars

Vaping and the Developing Brain

How Big Tobacco is Capitalizing on Adolescent Brain Development and What Health Professionals can do About it

With 1 in 5 Minnesota high school students reporting e-cigarette use in the prior month, health care professionals caring for them must understand the short and long-term impact on the adolescent and young adult brain.
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Current Health Perspectives on the Legalization of Cannabis

The debate continues over medical marijuana and broadly legalizing its use among adults. There are several public health questions about the potential medicinal benefits and health harms associated…
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Overview and Contributions to Our Understanding of Adolescent Mental Health

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study is a national Consortium study funded by the National Institutes of Health. To date, 11,875 children (including both singletons and twins) ages…
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Applications for Adolescents with Depression

Personalized Intervention for Psychosocial Problems

This webinar provides evidence and a rationale for clinicians as they consider alternative approaches to seeking a useful treatment match with clients. Applications are specific to adolescent depression but…
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50 Shades of Developing Gray Matter:

Adolescents and Marijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used “illicit” drug in the United States. Approximately 12% of individuals 12 years of age or older reported using this drug in 2013, and…
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The Crossover Youth Practice Model

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, The Juvenile Justice Coalition of Minnesota and Casey Family Programs have been working together with multiple jurisdictions across Minnesota in order to support…
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Youth, Drug Abuse and Co-existing Disorders:

Youth, Drug Use and Co-existing Disorders: Intersections on the Developmental Highway

Adolescence is an exciting time of development, as it inherently involves the exploration of identity, independence and peer relationships. This period may also include risk-taking behaviors, including drug use,…
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