Integrated Recovery Housing on Clinical Outcomes

  • Tanya Freedland, MPS, LADC
  • Jennifer Wiseman, MPS, LADC
  • Julie Rohovit, Ph.D.
Funded by NUWAY® House, Inc.

The Center for Practice Transformation was hired by Minnesota’s largest non-profit extended care addiction and mental healthcare treatment provider NUWAY® House, Inc. (NUWAY®) to study the effects of integrated recovery housing on clinical outcomes with the goal of providing data-driven care to people in recovery. The program evaluation, which began in 2019, is ongoing and has enrolled 5,000 participants over the course of the project. This study has provided a wealth of information, allowing NUWAY® to augment programming to better serve its clients using data collected and analyzed by CPT, an unbiased third-party. More and more, programs are required to demonstrate effectiveness using data-driven approaches. NUWAY® is serving as a model for programs in Minnesota and nationwide by engaging in scientifically sound research on clinical outcomes. View the latest news here.

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