Telehealth Efforts With Mental Health and Substance Use Disordered Clients

March 26, 2020

telehealth image

The staff at the Center for Practice Transformation applauds the amazing and inspiring practice transformation occurring with our community partners as a result of the imperative to maintain social distance in order to slow the spreading coronavirus.

Direct contact with our customers has been halted and we are using telecommunications to continue working with them as much as possible. As we connect virtually with our community partners, we are impressed with the tremendous effort being made to ensure their clients are getting the care they need for their mental health and substance use disorders. As an example, within one week, an agency rolled out telehealth capabilities for nearly 1,000 outpatient clients. In other settings practitioners and clients now connect over Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime and others.

The practitioners and agencies we work with are an awesome group. During our training sessions, we watch them become excited about learning new ways to transform their practice and provide a more effective service for their clients. We are proud of the work these dedicated providers offer and the innovative ways they have responded to the COVID-19 crisis. We are with you in spirit. We congratulate you and look forward to the day we can again be with you in person.