Anti-racism Spring Conference

September 17, 2020

The Center for Practice Transformation is considering the development of a spring conference “Transforming Practice: Expanding Ourselves, Our Knowledge and Our Reach.” We are in the planning phase for this conference and are looking for individuals who are interested in assisting with the development of the conference.

Preliminary Conference Statement

Our world is changing. With the momentum for systemic change and racial justice generated by the murder of George Floyd and others, it is not enough to continue to practice as usual. We must provide culturally responsive services to those who seek our assistance and work systemically to facilitate change. We need to understand the strengths and challenges of the communities where our clients live and work, and we must incorporate their cultural practices and values in how we understand their needs. We also must critically assess on a personal level who we are as providers; what are our strengths and shortcomings, our biases and yes, our own internalized racism. We must stretch beyond the borders of the clinical setting and advocate for institutional change. This is a tremendous and important undertaking.  This conference will bring together clinicians, researchers, policy makers and others who can provide wisdom and guidance for how we move ahead in this endeavor.

If you are interested in assisting in the development of this conference, please complete the form and submit. Someone will contact you via email to inquire more about your interest and answer any questions you may have.