Deconstructing & Decentralizing White-ness in Practice: A Three-Part Series

Recovery from White Conditioning: Building Anti-Racist Practice and Community

The Center for Practice Transformation and the University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work and Continuing Education Series is proud to co-host this Special Webinar Series.

The Model of Recovery from White Conditioning, a derivative work based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, is rooted in love and accountability. It involves white people, working in our community to transform violent legacies of whiteness into healthier, white, anti-racist community…and it requires us to have the courage to start with ourselves.

During this webinar, we will review the 12 steps of the Model of Recovery from White Conditioning, discuss implementation lessons learned to date, and explore implications for practice in various settings. We look forward to you joining us as we call forward white people to recover and reclaim our full humanity.

Recovery from White Conditioning PPT

About the Presenter

Cristina Combs, MSW, LICSW

Since receiving her MSW from the University of Minnesota in 2008, Cristina Combs has worked as in-home family therapist, outpatient therapist, and clinical supervisor of a school-based mental health program.

In 2015, after years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys, Cristina developed the Model of Recovery from White Conditioning. She is grateful for all the thought leaders, healers, mentors, and humans who have shared their authentic selves with her, nurturing and challenging a pursuit of lifelong learning, innovation, and growth.