How to Assess Individuals for a First Episode Psychosis Program

Identifying individuals for First Episode Psychosis Programs can be challenging. For example, it can be difficult to differentiate between individuals who are experiencing psychosis related to other problems (such as substance use, medical conditions, trauma) or schizophrenia. This webinar will first briefly review the symptoms of psychosis, and then focus on psychosis related to schizophrenia spectrum disorders. It will describe how to differentiate between individuals who are experiencing (or at risk for) schizophrenia and those who are experiencing symptoms of another mental illness or disorder. Strategies for screening and assessment will be included in the webinar.

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About the Presenter

Kim Mueser, Ph.D.

Kim Mueser, Ph.D., currently serves as the Executive Director for the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University and is a professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University, as well as an adjunct professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Mueser is the U.S. editor for the Journal of Mental Health, Co-editor for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, serves on several other journal editorial boards, is an ad hoc reviewer for over 40 other journals, and has published dozens of journal articles as well.