Attachment and Addiction, Part 1: Clinical Presentation

This webinar considers the clinical presentation of addiction (symptoms and etiology) through the lens of attachment theory. How attachment patterns may manifest in use patterns and impact relational dynamics related to addiction is discussed. This first part will lay the foundational elements for considering substance use disorder treatment from an attachment theory perspective that we will explore in the following webinar.

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About the Presenter

ThanhVan Vu, MPS, LADC, LPCC

ThanhVan Vu, MPS, LADC, LPCC, holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Van’s experience as an instructor and clinician make this two-part webinar both educational and clinical. As a MNCAMH clinical trainer, Van works to empower clinicians with the knowledge and skills to cultivate sustainable recovery oriented collaboration with clients.