Shiheina Munye

Shiheina Munye

Engagement & Communications Specialist

Shiheina Munye joined the Center for Practice Transformation (CPT) and the School of Social Work (SSW) as a Community Engagement Coordinator with a BS in Health Promotion & Equity and Community & Environmental Sociology.

Prior to joining CPT, Shiheina was working with youth and young adults from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to help them earn their high school diplomas, establish coordination processes, and increase community outreach and program awareness. Shiheina believes it is essential to acknowledge and attempt to remove barriers within our own communities to create avenues for opportunities that aid in achieving optimal health for all.

Shiheina is committed to advancing community health through health promotion and equity frameworks. She is elated to join CPT and support the mission of providing behavioral health practitioners with the tools needed to effectively support populations challenged with mental illnesses.

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