Jillian Wright, MPS, LADC

Jillian Wright, MPS, LADC

Clinical Trainer

Jillian began her work with the Center for Practice Transformation as a graduate research assistant while she completed her master’s in Integrated Behavioral Health. Following graduation she was hired as a research coordinator and is currently one of the Center’s clinical trainers.

At the Minneapolis Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center Jillian worked with research teams studying resilience, co-occurring PTSD, and substance use disorders. At the Center for Practice Transformation Jillian  helped evaluate a new psychotherapy intervention for people who have recently experienced their first episode of psychosis.

In practice, Jillian is proud to have been certified in prolonged exposure for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She has  witnessed the incredible resilience of people healing wounds they’ve lived with for many years. Jillian  is passionate about supporting practitioners in deepening their commitment to heart-centered, recovery-focused, evidence-informed care.

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