Current Cultural and Ethical Considerations

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Course Objectives

  1. Differentiate Racism from bias, prejudice and discrimination.
  2. Develop ways to shift conversations about racism from personal beliefs and behavior to systems and structures.
  3. Recognize ways that the dominant race benefits from systemic racism and the ways the system maintains the status quo.
  4. Understand the elements that operate to continue racism.
  5. Know what racism work means and how to become involved as a white warrior.
  6. Know the challenges that the COVID pandemics has posed for ethical practice.
  7. Gain the ability to utilize an ethical decision-making model in practice.
  8. Recognize the pandemic related issues that are likely to arise with clients seeking service.
  9. List the ethical and legal factors to consider in duty to warn.
  10. Know the potential problems associated with using google searches and social media in working with clients.
  11. Gain awareness of the dangers inherent in test messaging.
  12. Develop a list of resources that can be accessed via the Internet and smart phone apps.

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