Training Videos

The Center for Practice Transformation is committed to disseminating innovative, evidence-informed tools to enhance wellness and recovery in the lives of individuals affected by mental illness, substance use disorders, or co-occurring disorders. In support of our mission, the Center video products are available online and on CD. This includes E-IMR Training Videos as well as E-IMR Clinical Competency Scale Videos.

Enhanced Illness Management Recovery (E-IMR) Training Videos

E-IMR is an intervention model that targets individuals who have a serious mental illness and a substance use disorder. It is based on an enhanced IMR model that includes elements of Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment that has demonstrated evidence of improved functioning for consumers across a wide range of functioning. With this model both mental illness and substance use are addressed simultaneously.

Enhanced Illness Management Recovery (E-IMR) Clinical Competency Scale Videos

Supervisors and evaluators can use the E-IMR Clinical Competency Scale to measure the effectiveness of individual E-IMR practitioners with clients. Data gathered using the scale can improve supervision and identify training needs.

Complementary E-IMR Training and Competency DVDs

Minnesota Department of Human Services sponsored agencies are entitled to a free copy of both the training and competency DVD. One copy per agency.

You can also purchase either the E-IMR training videos or competency videos on DVD for $275.00 each. Or save $100. and purchase both at the same time for $450. The Training DVD includes the training videos, viewer’s guide, and companion materials and the Competency DVD includes the Clinical Competency Training videos and Minnesota Clinical Competency Scale. The DVD and companion materials will be sent to you following purchase. A $10. mailing and handling charge is added to the price.

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